MHB Challenges City of Tukwila’s Pepper Spray Policies and Practices

Posted by MHB Admin

In a lawsuit filed February 21, 2014, MH&B lawyers David Whedbee and Joe Shaeffer allege that the City of Tukwila Police Department has a policy that improperly defines OC (“oleoresin capsicum“) pepper spray as a “Level 1” or low level use of force, when it is actually significantly higher, causing intense pain and discomfort.  According to the lawsuit, this policy teaches its police officers to use OC pepper spray inappropriately in situations that do not call for that level of force.  MHB brought the suit on behalf of David Lott, a 60-year-old African American man who was arrested while standing at a bus stop.  Officers then pepper sprayed Lott after he had already been placed in handcuffs.

Lott 1-0 Complaint

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