Judge issues nationwide injunction halting Trump family planning rules

Posted by Tiffany Cartwright

The preliminary injunction means the Trump administration can't enforce the rules while lawsuits challenging them are moving through the courts. 

“We applaud Judge Bastian for prioritizing the health of poor and low-income women and men in his ruling to block the Trump administration’s dangerous Title X family planning rule," said Clare Coleman, president and CEO of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA), which sued over the rule. 

"Since day one, NFPRHA’s priority has been to block this unlawful policy that could cut off access to contraception and sexual health care for millions. Today’s decision sends a message to this administration that it will not get away with making harmful changes to the nation’s family planning program, at the expense of people’s health care," she said.

A judge in Oregon earlier this week said he would grant an injunction in a similar lawsuit targeting the rules, but he has not yet announced the scope. 

Joe Shaeffer of MH&B, is a cooperating attorney for the ACLU in this matter, and local counsel for ACLU National, whose attorneys litigated this alongside a team of lawyers from the State of Washington AG.


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