Nevada Supreme Court Affirms Order Granting Freedom to MHB Death Row Client

Posted by Tiffany Cartwright

On Friday, January 24, 2020 the Nevada Supreme Court issued an order affirming the dismissal of murder charges against MHB client Paul Lewis Browning.  Mr. Browning spent 33 years on Nevada's Death Row for a murder he did not commit.  In September 2017, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found that Browning's conviction was the result of numerous constitutional violations and ordered the State of Nevada to either release Browning or give him a new trial.  In March 2019, a Nevada state court judge found that there was no way Browning could receive a fair trial and ordered the dismissal of all charges against him.  The state fought to keep Browning in prison while it appealed the dismissal, but the trial judge rejected those arguments and ordered Browning released in August of 2019.  The decision last week from the Nevada Supreme Court means that finally, after more than 33 years, the prosecution of Browning is over and he is a free man.

Mr. Browning was represented by MHB attorney Tim Ford.

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