MacDonald Hoague & Bayless helps workers recover unpaid wages, overtime pay, and commissions.

By law, employers are required to pay minimum wage for up to 40 hours per week, and overtime in the amount of one and a half times a person’s hourly rate for each hour over 40 worked per week, unless the employer can show that the employee is “exempt” from the overtime rules.

Yet, many people who are legally entitled to overtime pay do not receive it. Sometimes their employer tells them they are “salaried” or “exempt” when this is incorrect. Sometimes hard-working employees work extra hours without being paid for those hours. When an employee works more than 40 hours per week, the employer may later be required to pay that overtime, even if the employee no longer works for that employer.

MHB represents all levels of employees who may have been underpaid wages or overtime, whether working at minimum wage or highly compensated commissioned sales people.  Unpaid or underpaid wages can be collected for up to three years.  Contact us to find out whether your employer has been underpaying you or improperly exempting you from overtime pay.