MHB Lawyers have successfully represented corporate and governmental whistleblowers, obtaining millions of dollars in damages.

For decades, MHB lawyers have successfully represented courageous individuals who have come forward and blown the whistle on corporate and governmental corruption.  From False Claim Act cases to governmental corruption cases, we have assisted those individuals who were wrongfully punished for having tried to root out illegal practices. 

Our lawyers have fought for clients who have blown the whistle on deceptive sales practices by large corporations, safety violations by government agencies and nuclear facilities, and corrupt practices within law enforcement agencies.  In one recent high-profile case, we represented the victims of a police “Code of Silence” in Chicago, Illinois, obtaining $2 million in settlement of a lawsuit brought by two police officers who were retaliated against for blowing the whistle on widespread police corruption. The case made national headlines when the Mayor of Chicago was ordered to testify and the City admitted in open court that a code of silence had existed with the Police Department for decades.