MacDonald Hoague & Bayless protects against government intrusion on freedom of speech, political and religious expression, and the press.

MHB fights for the rights protected by the First Amendment to the U.S Constitution, including the rights to speak and worship freely and to protest government oppression.  Some of our firm’s earliest landmark cases included representing citizens targeted for their political beliefs by the House Unamerican Activities Committee and those who objected to the draft based on their religious beliefs.  More recently, we have represented protestors speaking out against the WTO, citizens peacefully protesting at city council meetings, signature gatherers for public referendums and initiatives, and government employees speaking on matters of public concern.  

Freedom of speech and political expression are core to our values as well as those of our nation.  It has never been more important that we stand up against government control of speech and expression, of religious practice, and a free and robust press.  Our attorneys are active in the ACLU of Washington and board members of the ACLU of Washington and the national ACLU.  

Some of our significant First Amendment victories include:

  • Two Ninth Circuit opinions establishing a person’s right to testify in court or in deposition without the government terminating that person’s employment; 
  • Successful litigation vindicating the rights of persons to collect signatures for citizen’s initiatives; 
  • Substantial settlements on behalf of government employees who speak on matters of public concern.