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Nathaniel Flack

Nathaniel joined MHB in 2021 after graduating with honors from the University of Michigan Law School. His practice is focused on police misconduct, First Amendment rights, and employment discrimination matters. He has successfully represented clients at every stage of litigation, from pre-litigation investigation and negotiation, through discovery and depositions, dispositive motions, trial, and appeal. He also counsels and advises clients in a variety of settings, including in the review and negotiation of employment and severance agreements, and at mediation. Nathaniel has successfully deposed and cross examined a wide array of corporate and government officials, including police officers, department heads, and policy makers. He has prevailed in briefing and argument on merits, discovery, and other issues in the state and federal courts. Nathaniel takes pride in vindicating the rights of ordinary people against powerful corporations and the government. Prior to law school, he worked as an investigator with the City of New York’s independent police oversight body, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, investigating cases of excessive force and other misconduct by NYPD officers.

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