We are among the leading plaintiffs’ firms in the Pacific Northwest. We have a high level of success litigating against powerful defendants and their lawyers, handling complex cases with high stakes. Our lawyers are leaders in Washington’s employment bar associations and play an active role in filing amicus briefs with appellate courts to protect employees, as well as in successfully drafting and promoting passage of legislation restoring and advancing employee rights.

The employment lawyers at MacDonald Hoague & Bayless represent private and public sector employees in all aspects of disputes, negotiation, litigation, and appeal in:

  • discrimination and harassment claims related to sex, race, age, national origin, pregnancy, religion, disability, and sexual orientation
  • accommodation of people with disabilities or with religious practice requirements
  • wage and hour and overtime pay
  • wrongful discharge
  • retaliation
  • whistleblowing
  • employment contracts and severance agreements
  • non-competition / non-solicit / confidentiality agreements
  • privacy and defamation
  • medical leave/FMLA

MHB attorneys who practice in this area:
Katie Chamberlain
Katrin E. Frank
Leslie J. Hagin
Joe Shaeffer
Jeffrey Taren
Jesse Wing